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DC Jobs With Justice Seeks ‘Research Project Coordinator’

Overview: DC Jobs with Justice is a dynamic coalition of labor unions, community organizations, faith institutions, and student activist groups dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of DC workers and residents. For a full list of our organizational members and past campaign work, please visit our website at www.dcjwj.org. Currently, DC JWJ is leading the “Just Hours” campaign to transform service sector jobs into jobs with just hours and fair scheduling practices. We seek to hire a Project Coordinator to oversee a related research project we are conducting. In June 2015, we released a study along with the Georgetown University Kalmanovitz Initiative that found erratic scheduling practices and insufficient hours of work to be widespread issues in the retail and food service industries. In 2016, we will partner with Duke University on a groundbreaking study to assess how unstable work schedules and hours impact parents and family life. The Project Coordinator will lead the pilot phase of that study this summer, with the possibility of continuing on as the Project Coordinator for the subsequent phases of the study. The pilot phase of the study will consist of brief daily surveying of participants for 1 month. This position will report to the Lead Organizer. Job Responsibilities: The Project Coordinator will oversee and implement the pilot phase of the Duke Study through: Participant Recruitment Lead the recruitment of 40 participants for the pilot – these must be parents working in retail or food service with a child under the age of 6 Work with volunteers, interns, other staff, and partner organizations to identify and pursue opportunities to recruit participants Conduct... read more

Introducing Our New Executive Director: Elizabeth Falcon

We are extremely pleased to announce that Ms. Elizabeth Falcon will be the next Executive Director of DC Jobs with Justice.   For over a decade, Ms. Falcon has been a passionate advocate for social change in Washington, DC  and across the Deep South, with a proven track record of running effective campaigns and maintaining strong coalitions. She is an experienced coalition leader who believes in the power of bringing people and organizations together. Throughout her career, she has led community partners to build consensus on strategic direction, developing effective campaigns such as the Housing For All Campaign and Save Our Safety Net.  Under her leadership at Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED), the Housing for All campaign became a well-recognized force, with over 4,000 individual supporters and hundreds of participating organizations, winning over $300 million in affordable housing investments. As a result, she is a trusted partner with advocates, labor, and diverse communities across the District. We are thrilled to have Ms.Falcon join our team as the Executive Director. Her campaign planning skills, strong local relationships, and dedication to developing affected DC residents to lead campaigns will be critical as our organization moves into the future. Ms. Falcon officially starts at DC JWJ on August 15, 2016. Our current Executive Director, Nikki Lewis, will step down on August 31,... read more

Nikki Lewis says farewell; DC JWJ announces search for new Executive Director

Dear DC Jobs With Justice Family! The time has come for me to transition out of my role as Executive Director of DC Jobs With Justice.  My last day as ED will be August 31, 2016. I am eternally grateful for the 7 years I’ve been a part of the DC JWJ family so far – over three years on the Steering and Executive Committees, and over 3 years as the Executive Director.   When I think about what we’ve accomplished together in such a short period of time, my eyes well up.  Paid sick days! Wage theft prevention!  Minimum wage increases! Ban the Box! Candidate forums and GOTV!  Strong new contracts for grocery store workers, Verizon  workers, painters, and transit workers! Trainings! All the research and media! And that’s not even mentioning the work we’re on the verge of winning together right now: #DCJustHours #PaidLeave4DC  #DCfor15 and #OneFairWage DC Jobs With Justice is a tireless, dedicated, brilliant group of people and organizations who I owe so much to. Thank you to all the people who’ve loved and taught and held me through these incredible years of growth – both personally and organizationally. Thanks to you, I am confident that DC JWJ and I will both step gracefully into the next chapter of our work. Although I am stepping down as Executive Director, I am not leaving the movement or the city.  In fact, I am transitioning in order to continue growing the movement for implementation of workers’ rights, this time from the other side. My goal is to become a DC high road employer who leads by example and... read more

Press release: Leaked video shows majority of Chamber members support predictable schedules

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 4, 2016 CONTACT: Bailey Dick, 419-260-6044, bailey@jwj.org Leaked Video Shows Majority of Chamber Members Support Predictable Schedules Washington, D.C. – Footage of a webinar leaked to The Washington Post today shows that the majority of state Chamber of Commerce members support fair scheduling policies, and suggests Chamber lobbyists may be misrepresenting their members in their opposition of predictable scheduling policies. The video includes results of an internal poll that found 78 percent of current or prospective Chamber members support measures that would require employers to provide advance notice of schedules and end abusive “on-call” shifts that leave without a guarantee of work or pay for their time. These and other sustainable scheduling measures are already required under new rules enacted in San Francisco, and are under consideration in a half-dozen other communities across the country. The Chamber poll underscores the widespread support for setting standards that make sure that working people have schedules that allow them pay to their bills, plan their lives and take care of their loved ones. The landmark legislation to improve schedules for 40,000 retail employees in San Francisco was passed unanimously by the city’s Board of Supervisors, and a January poll found that 86 percent of D.C. residents would support pending legislation that would mandate more stable hours and predictable work schedules from employers. Dozens of national retailers have also ended or pledged to end the use of on-call schedules in their stores after public, employee and legal pressure to do so. “This video proves what we already know to be true: That the overwhelming majority of people support the creation... read more

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