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Press release: Leaked video shows majority of Chamber members support predictable schedules

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 4, 2016 CONTACT: Bailey Dick, 419-260-6044, bailey@jwj.org Leaked Video Shows Majority of Chamber Members Support Predictable Schedules Washington, D.C. – Footage of a webinar leaked to The Washington Post today shows that the majority of state Chamber of Commerce members support fair scheduling policies, and suggests Chamber lobbyists may be misrepresenting their members in their opposition of predictable scheduling policies. The video includes results of an internal poll that found 78 percent of current or prospective Chamber members support measures that would require employers to provide advance notice of schedules and end abusive “on-call” shifts that leave without a guarantee of work or pay for their time. These and other sustainable scheduling measures are already required under new rules enacted in San Francisco, and are under consideration in a half-dozen other communities across the country. The Chamber poll underscores the widespread support for setting standards that make sure that working people have schedules that allow them pay to their bills, plan their lives and take care of their loved ones. The landmark legislation to improve schedules for 40,000 retail employees in San Francisco was passed unanimously by the city’s Board of Supervisors, and a January poll found that 86 percent of D.C. residents would support pending legislation that would mandate more stable hours and predictable work schedules from employers. Dozens of national retailers have also ended or pledged to end the use of on-call schedules in their stores after public, employee and legal pressure to do so. “This video proves what we already know to be true: That the overwhelming majority of people support the creation... read more

Meet Our Wonderful Spring Organizing Intern: Bria Wade

Hey there! My name is Bria Wade and I’m currently a freshman at Georgetown University from New Jersey majoring in African American Studies and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I’m the new intern with DC Jobs With Justice and I’m extremely excited to be working with the amazing team and organization this semester!  I had no idea what to expect when I arrived for my first day working with DC JWJ because I truly didn’t have a firm grasp on what organizing was. Since then, I have learned so much from the people I work with and going out and doing the work in places like Columbia Heights and Union Station. Although it can be disheartening at times because of the nature of outreach, I have been able to see the magnitude of impact that organizing has on the lives of retail workers in DC. The work that I have done so far has inspired me to become more involved with worker justice. I started working when I was twelve years old in order to assert my independence and make money for myself so that my parents would have to contribute less to getting me the things that I needed. I have maintained a steady job ever since and throughout my time working in the food industry (McDonald’s), I noticed several things about the way things were run that didn’t sit well with me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until this past summer that I became aware of organizations that work specifically to address injustices faced by workers all over the country. My firsthand experience in conjunction with my passion... read more

District Officials Ignored Residents and Got Duped By Walmart

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, January 15, 2016 CONTACT Ari Schwartz, DC Jobs With Justice, (202) 674-3228, ari@dcjwj.org For a PDF of the release, click here District Officials Ignored Residents and Got Duped By Walmart Countless residents knew better than to trust Walmart, but were ignored by elected officials eager to believe the company’s false promises WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nikki Lewis, Executive Director of DC Jobs With Justice, released the following statement today after Walmart announced it will not open two stores planned for the District and will close 269 stores worldwide: “I wish I could say that I am surprised by Walmart’s plans to cancel two stores, but the sad truth is, I am not. Today’s announcement proves once again that Walmart is a company that cannot be trusted. “In meetings with residents and community leaders, the company promised to bring much-needed retail to Ward 7. Some residents were even told that wages would start at $13.50 an hour at these stores. “Unfortunately, when residents attempted to codify these promises in a written agreement, and later the Large Retailer Accountability Act (LRAA), Walmart responded by threatening to cancel their plans to open three additional stores – effectively forcing Mayor Gray to veto the LRAA. “With today’s announcement of store closures, Walmart is canceling these plans and footing the residents of D.C. with the bill. Make no mistake, Walmart has duped the District with false promises and is now earning profit at the expense of everyone who lives here. “The District should have ignored Walmart’s threats instead of its own residents. Moving forward, the District should be cautious about believing other retailers... read more

Just Hours at the Top of the Agenda for D.C. Council

On January 13, members of the coalition for Just Hours testified at a DC city council hearing in favor of the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act, spearheaded by D.C. Jobs With Justice and introduced by Councilmember Vincent Orange. The proposed rules would usher in more predictable schedules and stable employment opportunities for people working in the District’s retail and restaurant chains. While a national trend of minimum wage increases continues, the demand for ending erratic work schedules to ensure more sustainable jobs is growing. According to a recent poll, a wide majority of D.C. residents say they support the measures included in the legislation. Some 86 percent of D.C. residents say they would support a law that would mandate stable hours and predictable work schedules from employers. Additionally, 87 percent of those surveyed say they would support rules that would require two weeks’ advance notice of work schedules, and 88 percent say they would support rules that would require large corporate chain stores and restaurants to first offer additional work hours to their part-time employees before hiring new employees. RasImani Diggs, an employee at a Marshall’s store in Ward 1 in the District, testified about the challenges she faces with inconvenient and ever-changing schedules: “They post a schedule a day or two before the week starts, but it can change at any time. I have to try to call in or take metro from Kenilworth on a day I don’t even work just to check my schedule and see if it’s changed.  I can’t plan anything in my life. With a second job and trying to help my family, if... read more

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