Celebrating 20 years of DC Jobs With Justice




Over the past 20 years, DC Jobs With Justice has brought together diverse communities to fight for economic justice in Washington, DC. Together with workers, faith communities, students, and residents, we have organized for justice in our workplaces and neighborhoods. As we look towards the next 20 years, we will continue to challenge corporate power and win real improvements for all DC workers and residents. Make a gift to support 20 more years of DC Jobs With Justice.

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Our Beginning…

In the summer of 2001, the DC Jobs With Justice (DC JWJ) coalition formed to bring together labor, community, faith-based and student organizations to build power for working families in Washington, DC.

Throughout our 20-year history, DC JWJ has led campaigns for Justice in Washington, DC by building coalitions that support workers power and build sustainable communities. Our campaigns focus on putting power into the hands of workers and building their capacity to hold their employers accountable. Together we have won living wages and benefits at work and community resources for our neighborhoods.


Since our founding, DC JWJ has fought for equitable development and good jobs for all. We have firmly opposed to gentrification and the displacement of the Black and immigrant community members that made this city great, and fight every day for people over profit. Centered on strategic campaigning and popular education, DC JWJ joins together labor organizations, low wage workers, community groups, and other constituencies to advocate for public policies and corporate practices to build greater income and power for city families and communities.

Today, the struggle continues. Significant disparities based on income, wealth, access to basic services, and housing stability persists with many residents struggling to make ends meet. In 2018, DC Fiscal Policy reported DC’s median white household wealth was 81 times higher that of Black households which measured at only $3,500. Latinx communities also fail to access significant wealth, with a median of $13,000.  Workers and residents are squeezed between rising costs in housing and other basics while income growth remains limited. Far too many residents work hard, yet are unable to truly thrive in Washington, DC.

Through all of our campaigns, DC JWJ brings people together to fight for their own communities and workplaces.


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Today, We Continue to Fight for…

Recently, DC JWJ focused our work on the emerging needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, centering the needs of communities of color, immigrants, essential workers and other disenfranchised residents. We continue our core mission of building resilient neighborhoods and standing with workers.DC_JWJ_Celebrating20_2021_ListsFromDoc_3

Looking Ahead

Since our founding, DC JWJ has grown from a coalition of a few volunteer leaders, to a strong staffed organization. We are as big and powerful as we have ever been: with 65 member organizations, a staff of five full time positions, and a supporter list of more than 11,000 people working in solidarity on our mission. DC JWJ will continue to work with DC residents, workers, tenants, faith leaders, and consumers to build power for a more just Washington, DC.

The disproportionate economic and health impacts of the pandemic on poor and communities of color has only magnified the importance of our work. With rising housing, food, transportation and other costs in DC, our coalition and organizing efforts to advance economic justice are now more important than ever. In the years ahead, we will continue to work towards protecting the rights of all working people and promoting economic justice… an imperative in this moment.

To realize this this vision, we need your support. As JWJ marks our 20th anniversary, your gift will ensure continued advocacy, organizing and coalition building to advance economic justice for poor, working families in our Nation’s Capital.

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