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DC Jobs with Justice is doing our best to provide the most up to date information for workers, residents, and community members. When possible, we will link to government documents or other official sites, however, many sites are not yet updated with complete information. 

At the moment, DC JWJ resources focus on the changes that were made in “COVID-19 Response Temporary Amendment Act of 2020” passed by the DC Council on Tuesday, March 17. 

Also, please know that many of these changes are relevant during the Mayor- declared State of Emergency which currently ends on May 15. That date might be extended. 

APRIL UPDATE: DC JWJ hosted a webinar in April that covered additional changes to local and federal legislation in response to the COVID crisis. Click here for a recording of the webinar. The webinar covered important changes such as:

  • Expanded unemployment benefits
  • Changes to how we access federal assistance
  • New protections against technology cut-offs
  • New procedures for elections


Learn more and resources from DC JWJ: 

KYR_ UIJWJ Webinar 2 - UI
Learn more about Unemployment Benefits

Learn more about DC Family Medical Leave Act

KYR_ Benefits
Learn more about SNAP, TANF, Medicaid and DC Alliance

JWJ Webinar 2 - Rent
Learn more about evictions, utilities, and homelessness services

JWJ Webinar 2 - Stimulus moneyJWJ Webinar 2 - Sick Days
Infographics for web
Posters to print

Powerpoint on the issues above linked here

Links to other resources:

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