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  1. Individuals who work in health care settings
  2. Members of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
  3. Residents of long-term and intermediate care facilities and residents of community residential facilities/group homes
  4. DC residents who are 65 years old and older
  5. Individuals experiencing homelessness
  6. Members of the Metropolitan Police Department
  7. Department of Corrections Employees & Residents
  8. Continuity of Government Operations personnel
  9. All teachers and staff who work for a school or licensed child care facilities in DC
  10. Grocery store workers
  11. Outreach workers who work in health, human, and social services
  12. Individuals working in manufacturing
  13. Individuals working in food packaging
  14. DC Residents with qualifying medical conditions (see here for more info)
  15. Staff working in courts and individuals providing legal services
  16. Frontline employees of public (mass) transit
  17. Employees of the U.S. Postal Service
  18. Staff working in food service
  19. Essential employees in local government agencies
  20. Essential employees of public utilities
  21. Essential employees in health, human, and social services organizations/agencies who were not vaccinated as outreach workers
  22. Individuals working in commercial and residential property maintenance and environment services

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