End Rentflation Campaign

DC Jobs With Justice is proud to be part of the End Rentflation Campaign!

D.C., like many other communities, was affected by the large rent increases and the ability of landlords to raise the rent legally to effectively displace people. The 2021 Reclaim Rent Control Campaign which DC JWJ staffed, won a 2-year moratorium on Voluntary Agreements. This was a significant victory in educating the City Council on a key piece of our platform and overcoming strong landlord opposition. We also built the campaign by bringing in new organizations and deepening engagement of impacted residents, particularly those east of the Anacostia River. While this protected tenants for that time, landlords came back with vengeance and lobbied heavily to create rent inflation which threatened tenants’ housing and livelihood. As a response, we created and lead the End Rentflation Campaign, which is made up of tenants and coalition partners, who successfully advocated for thousands of tenants in DC and passed legislation that will mitigate the detrimental effects of the rent hike on DC residents. DC Jobs With Justice worked with and for tenants to prevent the 8.9% rent increase from going into effect May 1st for the 90,000 rent-stabilized households across DC. Our advocacy won a cap on rent increases at 6% this year and 12% over the next two years, and provides extra security for those 62 years of age or older and tenants with disabilities with a cap at 4% this year and 8% over the next two years. o far in the campaign, we have launched Reclaim Rent Control with a press conference, a rally, over 100 people testifying for our platform, and a day-long retreat with the New York rent control campaign.

The End Rentflation campaign was born out of the Reclaim Rent Control campaign that we have coordinated and anchored. To find out more about he history of the Reclaim Rent Control Campaign click below:

Reclaim Rent Control website

Learn More about Reclaim Rent Control campaign



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June 8, 2020

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