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COVID-19 Resources

Información en español aquí DC Jobs with Justice is doing our best to provide the most up to date information for workers, residents, and community members. When possible, we will link to government documents or other official sites, however, many sites are not yet updated with complete information.  At the moment, DC JWJ resources focus on the changes that were made in “COVID-19 Response Temporary Amendment Act of 2020” passed by the DC Council on Tuesday, March 17.  Also, please know that many of these changes are relevant during the Mayor- declared State of Emergency which currently ends on May 15. That date might be extended.  APRIL UPDATE: DC JWJ hosted a webinar in April that covered additional changes to local and federal legislation in response to the COVID crisis. Click here for a recording of the webinar. The webinar covered important changes such as: Expanded unemployment benefits Changes to how we access federal assistance New protections against technology cut-offs New procedures for elections   Learn more and resources from DC JWJ:  Learn more about Unemployment Benefits  Learn more about DC Family Medical Leave Act  Learn more about SNAP, TANF, Medicaid and DC Alliance Learn more about evictions, utilities, and homelessness services Infographics for web                                               Posters to print Powerpoint on the issues above linked here Links to other resources: Coronavirus Resources from the Mayor’s office: DC Council Elissa Silverman: D.C. Unemployment Insurance (UI) Basics for COVID-19 Emergency DC Government: Video on applying for unemployment DC Office of the Attorney General: Coronavirus Consumer Alerts ... read more

Justice for 500+ Power Design Workers

  DC Jobs With Justice applauds the Office of the Attorney General for a record settlement on behalf of 500+ workers and the DC government. The $2.75 million settlement with Power Design, Inc is the largest recovery to date in a wage enforcement action for the OAG. This settlement is a victory for workers rights and demonstrates that DC is serious about enforcing laws that protect workers and residents in the District. We are pleased to see that the settlement included $879,056 in restitution for affected workers, penalties, an investment in apprenticeships, and additional compliance measures. We thank the Attorney General for taking seriously the concerns raised by DC Jobs With Justice and others and bringing Power Design into compliance with all local labor laws. DC Jobs With Justice began sounding the alarm about Power Design’s activities in DC in 2017. Since then we have testified to the DC Council, visited worksites, protested at the Line Hotel (a Power Design site), held a May Day parade, filed complaints with the Board of Industrial Trades, and more. DC has some of the strongest wage theft and misclassification laws in the country. However, without meaningful enforcement, these laws cannot protect workers. DC JWJ and the Just Pay Coalition have encouraged DC to take on just this kind of enforcement action in our report Making Our Laws Real. By taking on a growing player in an industry with a history of wage violations, the OAG is sending the needed message to contractors working across DC: follow the law or pay the price. “This settlement should be a wake-up call to District employers: if you cheat workers... read more

2019 Year in Review

We are proud to be in solidarity with you as we all work to build a more just world. Thank you for being with us in 2019, and we know we can count on you as we continue to fight in 2020! 2019 DC JWJ Highlights Coordinating local actions to end the Federal Shutdown Launching Reclaim Rent Control Restoring funding and worker protections to DC’s only hospital east of the Anacostia River Organizing two Peace Walks and community safety conversations Rallying for statehood and community safety at the Million Moe March Fighting for pensions and good jobs with ATU 689 strikers at Cinder Bed Road Supporting contract campaigns at Safeway, Washington Convention Center, and local... read more

Reclaim Rent Control

DC Jobs With Justice is proud to be part of the Reclaim Rent Control Campaign! So far in the campaign, we have launched Reclaim Rent Control with a press conference, a rally, over 100 people testifying for our platform, and a day-long retreat with the New York rent control campaign. Check out the campaign website Join the Reclaim Rent Control campaign Here are a few of our highlights in pictures:            ... read more

Stand with Transit Workers

Metrobus drivers at WMATA’s privatized Cinder Bed facility are entering their third week on strike, the first Metrobus strike in 41 years. Thousands of bus riders have been left stranded, because the private contractor WMATA hired to lower costs on the backs of workers, Transdev, refuses to negotiate a fair contract with union members. Here is what you can do to support striking Metrobus workers:   Go to the MetroBus Strike Rally this Wednesday Where: WMATA HQ @ 600 5th St NW, Washington, DC 20001-2610 When: This Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 12 PM – 1 PM Join the Daily Picket Line at Cinder Bed Where: Metrobus Cinder Bed Road Division @ 7901 Cinder Bed Rd, Lorton, Virginia 22079 When: Monday – Sunday 4 AM – 5 PM Donate to the Strike Fund Leaflet Metro stations When: Tuesday Nov 5th and Wednesday Nov 6th Show Your Support on Social Media Download and print this sign then take a photo of yourself, your family, neighbors, or fellow union members and tag @wmata on Twitter and @metroforward on Facebook with words of support for the strikers. Remember to tag @atulocal689 on Twitter or @atulocal689group on... read more

2019 I’ll Be There Awards

2019 I’ll Be There Awards Thursday, October 17th 5:30 – 8:00 PM All Souls Church, 1500 Harvard St NW, Washington, D.C. Each year we come together to celebrate our wins and recognize leaders and individuals representing faith, youth, labor, and community organizations. This year the awardees are: Black Swan Academy Mundo Verde Teachers and Staff union LEDC and the DC Tenant Union Rev. Delonte Gholston of Peace Fellowship Church Long Live Go-Go DC. Will you be there? Get your ticket today! You can place an ad to show your support for these great awardees! Check out our ad and sponsor packet for more... read more

Workers’ Rights Outreach Blitz Resources

                You can find all of our resources we’re sharing gearing up for the July 1 minimum wage increase. Check out the links: Just Pay Coalition Resource Guide What to do if Immigration comes to your Workplace DC Paid Family Leave tax collection DC Sexual Assault Resource Guide... read more

Summer Sustainer Drive 2019

  Sustaining donors are key to the success of DC Jobs With Justice. Your support of any size allows DC Jobs With Justice to be a nimble, multi-issue organization that can respond quickly to changes that drastically affect workers and residents in the District of Columbia.  What we do with the support of our sustainers:  Rapidly react to changes in the community: the 35 day government shutdown, the closing of Providence Hospital, and the slashing of funds to United Medical Center Host monthly education and community building activities for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Pride. Support campaigns led by organizations large and small to make DC a better place to live, work, and grow. Take a moment today to become a sustainer of DC Jobs With Justice and support our work year-round!... read more

Stop the Bleeding: don’t cut UMC

JUST ADDED:   There’s A LOT you can do to fight with us to restore funding to United Medical Center between now and May 28. Take action now! Sign the Petition and share it with your friends: RSVP for the rally on May 28th at 9:00 at the Wilson Building: Follow @DCHJCoalition on Twitter and retweet Join the rally event on Facebook and invite your friends: Email or call (all) your councilmembers with this message: The DC Council has done a huge disservice to the residents of  Washington, DC in the May 14 budget vote by severely limiting funds to United Medical Center. UMC is the only hospital open outside of Northwest, DC and the Council’s actions in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget threaten the hospital’s ability to serve patients and meet the health needs of the neighboring communities. This dangerous action must be reversed in the second reading of the DC budget.Send your email with a personal story to: DC Council Chair:  Phil Mendelson – At Large Councilmembers o    CM David Grosso o    CM Anita Bonds – o    CM Robert White – o    CM Elissa Silverman – Ward Councilmembers o    CM Brianne Nadeau, Chair –; o    CM Jack Evans – o    CM Mary Cheh – o    CM Brandon Todd – o    CM Kenyan McDuffie – o    CM Charles Allen o    CM Vincent Gray – o    CM Trayon... read more

Raise your voice for health justice

                      The DC Council is currently considering a budget that slashes needed funds to operate United Medical Center and forces the hospital to close by 2022. The same bill strips even basic worker protections from the proposed hospital at St. Elizabeths, eliminates the need for the new hospital to partner with Howard University Medical School, and still keeps the public in the dark about the services that will be provided. The DC Council will vote on the budget next week. We need your voice now! Thursday, May 9 10:00 AM In front of the Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW We will speak directly to Councilmembers about the need for comprehensive health services, transparency, and good jobs in... read more


Mobilization on Juneteenth weekend

In the last two weeks, millions have taken to the street in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people who have been killed at the hands of vigilantes or law enforcement. The explosion of protest is in response to a pattern of killings, piled onto the deadly impacts of COVID-19 and four years of Trump. The demand is clear: to end police violence and to defund police — and to win a massive shift in resources into healthy, sustainable communities. DC Jobs with Justice is joining the call for the SIX NINETEEN mobilization led by the Movement for Black Lives on Juneteenth weekend, June 19–21, 2020. Click here to join the #SixNineteen weekend of action in front of the White House and across the region. Juneteenth (June 19th) is a day that honors Black freedom and Black resistance, and centers Black people’s unique contribution to the struggle for justice in the U.S. This Juneteenth is a rare moment for our communities to proclaim in one voice that Black Lives Matter, and that we won’t tolerate anything less than justice for all our people. We know the cost of this inaction. It has cost the lives of our neighbors and loved ones. It has torn apart communities. We march in their memories. We say their names. We look forward to marching with you this... read more

DC JWJ Campaigns: Cancel Rent, Expand Sick Days, and More

We are very excited to announce that DC JWJ will be working on and supporting a few exciting new campaigns. Are you interested in getting plugged into these new campaigns? Make sure you sign up to volunteer with us. And be sure your organization supports as well. We endorsed these campaigns at our Steering Committee meeting on June 4, at which time we weren’t prepared to bring new demands from the Movement for Black Lives, but hope to share more with you soon. Cancel Rent The Council must respond immediately by taking drastic action to help renters struggling to survive amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. You can sign the petition from the DC Tenants Union in calling for the Council to Cancel rent and mortgage payments for the duration of the state of emergency plus one month Impose a two-year freeze on rent increases while the city recovers Guarantee a right to counsel in eviction cases Vastly expand the Emergency Rental Assistance Program with tripled funding, expanded eligibility, and no more annual limits on frequency and amount And enact into law the Reclaim Rent Control platform in its entirety Revenue Raising The pandemic and crushing economic downturn is bringing extreme levels of hardship to DC families. Tens of thousands of workers are jobless and a growing number of small businesses have been shuttered. To ensure we build a just recovery and come out of this crisis stronger than before, it is important for the city’s response to protect and strengthen crucial investments by raising revenue. Sign the petition and join DC JWJ and our allies in JUFJ and Fair Budget Coalition in calling for the... read more

Statement from Elizabeth Falcon, Executive Director, DC Jobs With Justice on the experience of DC primary voters.

Statement from Elizabeth Falcon, Executive Director, DC Jobs With Justice on the experience of DC primary voters Yesterday, I watched as voters in my neighborhood precinct, Emory Recreation Center, stood in line for hours. Wait times for residents who arrived after about 5:00 pm were over four hours, confirmed by the fact that the last voters who arrived before 8:00 pm voted after 12:30 am. Hundreds of voters, mostly Black, stood in line to perform their civic duty. The last voters cast ballots up to six hours after DC curfew started and four hours after the public transit stopped running. These dedicated voters maintained social distance and wore masks. They affirmed their neighbors as they waited together to vote for their chosen candidates. Many have responded to the protests calling for the protections of Black lives over the last week with an urge for civic participation at the voting booth. It is a travesty that in a city where the largest group of voters are Black, that the barrier to voting on Election Day was so high. This situation could have been avoided. And it begins with the agency taking responsibility for their failings. Unfortunately, so far leadership has failed to do so. As reported in the Washington Post June 2, 2020: Michael Bennett, the chairman of the D.C. Board of Elections, acknowledged the election did not go smoothly because the agency’s technology was not able to handle the surge of absentee ballot requests, and because voting on Election Day was higher than officials thought it would be. “The good news is I’m really, really glad we had so... read more