DC Jobs With Justice is proud to partner with our allies in the international labor community, local unions and the DC community to demand that Senate Republicans take action and reopen the government.
We need you to join us at the Hart Senate Office Building 120 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC to end the shut down. We will be there every day until the shutdown ends.
Everyday our communities are hurting. Federal workers of all stripes are working tirelessly in their communities, but don’t have a way to pay their light bill. Others are rudely forced to stay home, waiting indefinitely for a chance to go to work and make a paycheck. Hotels and restaurants in DC are empty, so workers are losing hours and tips. Contractors will never get paid back for time missed cleaning offices or making sandwiches, and now may loose healthcare too.  And thousands more worry that SNAP or HUD payments may stop and their food and housing will be at risk.
Individual registration: 
Questions? Contact Elizabeth Falcon, DC Jobs With Justice: www.dcjwj.org 202-674-2872