Trabajadores Unidos de Washington, DC

For many years, DC Jobs with Justice was home to the Day Laborer Project, begun when activists from United Methodist Foundry Church recognized the needs and vulnerability of DC’s day laborer community. The focus of this project was to develop a path towards dignity, safe working conditions, and secure services for the day laborer and migrant population throughout Washington, DC.

Together with day laborers and in coalition with labor, church, and community organizations, DC Jobs with Justice built power and solidarity among some of our most vulnerable community members. From that effort, Trabajadores Unidos de Washington, DC (Workers United of Washington, DC) emerged to fight the practice of wage theft, create better working conditions, and build relationships in various neighborhoods.

Since then, Trabajadores Unidos has become an independent community-based organization that continues to fight for the rights of day labor and immigrant workers in this city. One of their primary goals is to create a permanent workers center in Ward 5 where day laborers and employers can meet to negotiate work agreements. Other goals include continuing advocacy on immigrant rights and fighting the epidemic of wage theft.

With the support of many others, including DC JwJ, Trabajadores Unidos have achieved many victories and gained respect for their issues in our city. The day laborers continue to work in solidarity with DC Jobs with Justice and other organizations and institutions that support the struggle of our most vulnerable residents.

Trabajadores Unidos de Washington, DC

1419 V St. NW, Suite 305
Washington, DC 20009


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April 7, 2015

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