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Reopen DC Must Prioritize the Safety and Livelihood of Workers and Tenants

This past week DC Jobs with Justice worked with community leaders and policy experts to demand that DC prioritize workers and tenants in the reopening process. Our demands included: Justice for Excluded Workers There are tens of thousands of workers in the District who will not be able to access any form of cash assistance to weather the storm of the immediate Covid-19 crisis. These workers have been excluded because of who they are or the work they perform. Their needs are particularly acute during the pandemic and must be addressed. We joined with our allies in labor and community based groups to call for DC to expand efforts at guaranteeing the economic security, safety, and health of all workers including excluded workers. Recoup Unpaid Unemployment Insurance Taxes and Limit Workplace Fraud Week after week we have seen an unprecedented numbers of workers applying for unemployment insurance and putting pressure on an already overburdened public assistance program. Meanwhile gig companies such as Uber and Lyft–whose workers have seen incomes fall dramatically – continue long-standing practices of worker misclassification and tax avoidance. DC JWJ joined with leading academics from Georgetown, CUNY, and GW to call for DC to hold these gig companies responsible for unpaid unemployment insurance taxes, ensure that workers receive the highest-level of available benefits under traditional unemployment insurance, and revise UI law to apply the “ABC test” across industries. Eliminate Barriers to Unemployment Compensation and Expanded Sick Leave DC JWJ joined with several of our allies in the Just Pay Coalition to call for two urgent actions needed to ensure that all workers have access to basic protections. As... read more

Meet Eliana Rondon, DC JWJ’s newest organizer!

Meet Eliana Rondon, DC JWJ’s newest organizer! Volunteering in the community for almost twelve years has given me a wide range of experiences. My years of volunteering and working for nonprofit organizations consist of advocacy, youth welfare, community support, racial justice and more. My passion for community outreach stems from being raised by a strong, struggling single mother with five kids. As an Afro- Latina born in DC, coming from an immigrant family, I have encountered my fair share of inequality. As a result of my diverse cultural upbringing, I have multiple communities to account for. Despite my struggles, such as limited access, I’ve always been blessed to have individuals from the community, such as teachers and organizers, who have invested their time in me. At the age of fourteen, I decided that I wanted to give others the support and opportunity, which I was privileged to have. During my years of advocating, I’ve been working hand in hand with many impactful nonprofits and organizations. Through this I have seen a lot of results in the DC communities, but the fight is on going.  I obtained my B.A in Communication and Psychology from Trinity Washington University in 2016.  I currently have six years of experience in the field of communications. In addition, I enjoy writing and photography, which has continuously driven me to take courses to sharpen my skills. My goal is to help enhance resources, policies, practices, norms, which promotes equality, funding, access and opportunities. Fostering and developing the rights of humans is an essential component to the welfare and the unification of our communities. I am a... read more

6 Ways to Celebrate May Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the need to imagine alternatives to our rigged system. We hope you can join our allies in the movement on May Day for one or more of these socially distanced solidarity actions and educational events. Shut Down DC – International Workers Day Actionar and Wheat Pasting Friday, May 1st, Exact Time TBA RSVP HERE On International Workers Day, Shut Down DC will bring the stories and visions of working-class people to the nation’s capital. They are inviting all types of working people – healthcare workers, warehouse workers, grocery store workers, solid waste workers, students (students are workers too!), people working in prisons, and laid-off and unemployed workers – to share their stories and visions for the future. They will take those stories straight to the politicians and bureaucrats who are controlling our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis. Shut Down DC will commit to making sure that every story submitted gets displayed somewhere on the streets of DC – Whether it’s wheat pasted on a bus station or projected on the side of a building. Online, they will hold an essential workers’ town hall to lift up the stories of essential workers who are laboring through the COVID-19 pandemic. WPFW – May Day 2020: Together We Stand! Friday, May 1st, 9 AM – 7 PM Tune in at 89.3 or go to Which side are you on is the urgent question for May Day 2020! The global pandemic has punctuated the fact that workers vs. the corporations is the name of the governmental game. Listen Friday, May 1st, 9am until 7pm... read more

DC JWJ COVID Webinars – April 2020

English Webinar: DC JWJ’s most recent webinar with Bread for the City, Working Families Party, Legal Aid Society of DC, DC Kincare Alliance, and DC Fiscal Policy Institute. video Recent federal and local legislation have made important changes such as: Expanded unemployment benefits Changes to how we access federal assistance New protections against technology cut-offs New procedures for elections   Informacion en espanol DC Trabajos con Justicia/DC Jobs with Justice, Mary’s Center, Washington Lawyers Committee y Bread for the City presenta informacion importante para la comunidad. vídeo Los temas incluyen: – nuevas protecciones para los residentes de DC – cómo acceder a la asistencia del gobierno – cómo cuidarse y detener la propagación del coronavirus – cómo participar en las elecciones de DC para ciudadanos... read more

Open Letter to Mayor Bowser: cash assistance urgently needed

Dear Mayor Bowser, Our residents need assistance. Our organizations touch thousands of workers who are being left to fend for themselves as part of a community response to the deadly and fast-moving Coronavirus. Cash assistance now will stem a humanitarian disaster and mitigate racial inequities that are rising as a result of the pandemic. Excluded workers include tens of thousands of immigrant families and other workers. These people make DC work. They care for children and grandparents so others can go to their offices, they clean hotel rooms to make our hospitality sector strong, they power our new development by constructing our buildings, they keep our offices clean overnight, they wash dishes and keep bars stocked so we can enjoy our cocktails and DC’s fine dining. They are active members of the DC community. It is a matter of racial equity that we ensure these residents can access cash assistance. The population that is not covered by cash assistance is almost exclusively Black and Brown residents. Any negative impacts stemming from the lack of income and assistance will hurt not only these adults, but their children as well, further disadvantaging them. We need a response that is bigger than any of our organizations can do alone. This is the role only government can fill. The federal government has left our neighbors behind. But we cannot. The impact of local assistance to our neighbors will be multiplied. It will help our neighbors Stay Home DC and limit the need to seek informal work, leave safe housing, or leave home to access information. It will circulate in the local economy, keeping... read more

Still Excluded

We are very disappointed that DC leaders have made no commitments to provide cash assistance to DC workers who are ineligible for unemployment benefits. As a result, the workers who built our restaurant, hospitality, construction, home care, and other industries are left with no government resources to turn to. It is a matter of life or death for our communities that these workers stay home. And they are. It is also a matter of life or death if we support them. Without the ability to access assistance, workers and their families will return to work in the informal economy, be forced out of their homes and into homelessness and overcrowding, suffer from poor nutrition, and more. We can not ask our community to #StayHomeDC and do nothing to ensure that they can safely do so. Right now, excluded families are relying on informal networks, compassionate volunteers, and the generosity of strangers. Those resources simply do not match the scale of aid that DC government could provide. And the government, not good neighbors, should be responsible for the well being of our whole community. DC has built powerful industries on the backs of workers who have been made invisible and are regularly excluded. In all cases, that is an injustice. In this case, it is unconscionable. Estamos muy decepcionados de que los líderes de DC no se hayan comprometido a proporcionar asistencia en efectivo a los trabajadores de DC que no son elegibles para beneficios de desempleo. Como resultado, los trabajadores que construyeron nuestro restaurante, hospitalidad, construcción, cuidado del hogar y otras industrias no tienen recursos gubernamentales. Es una cuestión... read more

Cash assistance is critical to our neighbors

URGENT ACTION: EMAIL AND CALL TODAY Email Mayor Bowser and Chairman Mendelson EMAIL NOW Call Mayor Bowser – you may need to try more than one of the following numbers: (202) 727-2643 (202) 727-2600 (202) 478-9200 (202) 442-8119 (202) 664-7512 Message: Mayor Bowser, the federal government will not take care of all the members of our community. We have to. Please commit $5 million for cash assistance to those who have been left behind. Add your personal story. Social media: Images and sample tweets here MORE INFORMATION Labor unions, faith community, service providers, community organizations, and concerned neighbors  call on Mayor Bowser and the DC Council to make individual grants available to residents facing financial hardship. We call on Mayor Bowser to make $5 million available to DC residents who are ineligible for other cash assistance, and for the DC Council to legislate it’s use. We encourage you to make cash assistance available to residents who will not be able to access federal assistance or unemployment benefits. We were very disappointed to learn that funding for excluded workers which had been included in the bill circulated to the DC Council on Friday, has been fully removed from the more recent version circulated last night.  These “excluded workers” include tens of thousands of immigrant families and other workers.  These people make DC work, but their work is sometimes invisible. They care for children and grandparents so others can go out of the home to work, they clean hotel rooms to make our hospitality sector strong, they power our new development by constructing our buildings, they keep our offices clean overnight, they wash dishes... read more

Urgent Need: Cash Assistance for Excluded Workers

We urge Mayor Bowser and DC Council need to provide cash assistance to DC residents who cannot work, access unemployment benefits, and/or receive federal stimulus assistance. We call this group “excluded workers.” DC government should use the programs and infrastructure that already exists to get assistance to as many excluded workers as possible. DC government must also make grant funding available – with the ability to subgrant – to local nonprofits to meet the needs of people disconnected from government services. Take Action Now. Send an email with these needs and solutions to members of the DC Council and Mayor Bowser’s office.  Link to letter here. Mendelson: Silverman: Robert White: Grosso: Bonds: Nadeau: Cheh: Todd: McDuffie: Allen: Gray: Trayon White: Solutions: Create a benefit that mirrors Unemployment Assistance that is available to people who do not have Social Security or Alien Registration Numbers There are thousands of DC residents and workers who have documented income but do not have the ability to access unemployment. In fact, these workers have even had Unemployment Insurance paid on their behalf, but cannot access the current system. DC should make unemployment benefits available using a model similar to the one under development in New Jersey. The new program regulations should allow for ITIN or other means of identifying workers that does not rely on SSN and ARN Use existing government programs to provide cash and food assistance to residents in need The DC Healthcare Alliance is the of the... read more

Federal and Local Sick Leave Webinar

Every worker in DC has a right to paid sick days. Starting in April these rights will be expanded by new federal paid sick days legislation. Join us next Tuesday for a webinar on the ins and outs of paid sick days in the District and the new federal legislation. Federal and Local Sick Leave Webinar Tuesday, Mar 31, 2:00 – 3:00 PM RSVP... read more

COVID-19 Resources

Información en español aquí DC Jobs with Justice is doing our best to provide the most up to date information for workers, residents, and community members. When possible, we will link to government documents or other official sites, however, many sites are not yet updated with complete information.  At the moment, DC JWJ resources focus on the changes that were made in “COVID-19 Response Temporary Amendment Act of 2020” passed by the DC Council on Tuesday, March 17.  Also, please know that many of these changes are relevant during the Mayor- declared State of Emergency which currently ends on May 15. That date might be extended.  APRIL UPDATE: DC JWJ hosted a webinar in April that covered additional changes to local and federal legislation in response to the COVID crisis. Click here for a recording of the webinar. The webinar covered important changes such as: Expanded unemployment benefits Changes to how we access federal assistance New protections against technology cut-offs New procedures for elections   Learn more and resources from DC JWJ:  Learn more about Unemployment Benefits  Learn more about DC Family Medical Leave Act  Learn more about SNAP, TANF, Medicaid and DC Alliance Learn more about evictions, utilities, and homelessness services Infographics for web                                               Posters to print Powerpoint on the issues above linked here Links to other resources: Coronavirus Resources from the Mayor’s office: DC Council Elissa Silverman: D.C. Unemployment Insurance (UI) Basics for COVID-19 Emergency DC Government: Video on applying for unemployment DC Office of the Attorney General: Coronavirus Consumer Alerts ... read more


Get your tickets to the “I’ll Be There” Awards

Each year, the DC Jobs With Justice coalition comes together to celebrate our work and recognize our leaders. Join us for this year’s “I’ll Be There” Awards! Thursday, October 26th, 2017, 6:00 – 8:00 PM All Souls Church, 1500 Harvard St NW, Washington, D.C. We are thrilled to announce this year’s “I’ll Be There” Award recipients. You can join us in honoring them at the Awards on October 26th. They are: SEIU 32BJ and UNITE HERE Local 23 for organizing victories at the DC-area airports including a $12.75 minimum wage for contract workers The NEAR Act campaign leaders for winning legislation and funding for community-led violence prevention efforts The DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network for creating a network of congregations dedicated to providing support and solidarity to neighbors, friends, and family who fear being detained, deported or profiled DC High School Walk-Out leaders for organizing a District-wide walk-out of students to show youth power and values after the 2016 presidential election Ticket pricing  Ticket = $60 Solidarity ticket = $100 (your generous donation allows us to provide tickets to other members of the community) Discount Ticket = Pay what you can You can purchase tickets here or below! This is a fundraiser event to support the organizing and advocacy work of DC Jobs With Justice. No one will be denied entrance regardless of ability to donate. Childcare and interpretation will be provided as... read more

Sponsor the 2017 “I’ll Be There” Awards!

It’s that time of year! On October 26, 2017, we’re hosting the “I’ll Be There” Awards to celebrate the DC Jobs With Justice coalition and recognize leaders from the community, faith institutions, labor, and student groups. Below, you will find our online payment portal for sponsoring and purchasing program book ads for the “I’ll Be There” Awards. We do, however, encourage all memberships and sponsorships to be processed directly to DC JWJ by check if possible in order to avoid online transaction fees. Check out our Ad and Sponsorship Packet for full information. Sponsorship levels: $10,000 – Champion for Justice – 2 page program book ad, speaking opportunity at the Awards, 40 tickets, logo prominently displayed in all event materials $5,000 – Movement Builder – full page ad premium placement, 20 tickets, logo prominently displayed in all event materials $2,500 – Mass Mobilizer – full page program book ad, 10 tickets, and a profile in social media and materials $1,000 – Action Hero – full page program book ad, 4 tickets, and logo display on event signage $500 – Solidarity Superstar – half page program book ad, 2 tickets, and logo display on group signage Ad space purchases: $600 – Full Page Ad in the program book $300 – Half Page Ad in the program book $150 – Quarter Page Ad in the program book Ad file formats and size specifications: All ads are one color (black) on white paper. Please send electronic files no later than 9/22/17 to Acceptable File Formats – print ready PDF with bleed and crop marks (preferred), EPS with all fonts outlined, or native files from InDesign CC... read more

#Bethere2015 for the 2015 I’ll Be There Awards

Fifteen years ago, a small group of courageous labor leaders and community volunteers united to help local parking garage attendants win a union contract and sustainable, improved working conditions. Through their vision, DC Jobs with Justice was born along with the mission to protect and advance the rights of DC area workers. On 10.15.15, our community will come together to celebrate 15 years of DC Jobs with Justice at our annual fundraiser, the I’ll Be There Awards! This year’s event will be the biggest, most inspiring evening we’ve hosted because…. 1) We will honor and “roast” the career of our visionary founder, President Joslyn Williams of the Metropolitan Washington Labor Council, AFL-CIO! 2) We will honor the incredible impact of local leaders Courtney Stewart, Reverend Kendrick Curry, and Jean-Louis Ikambana! Talk about major community leaders developing the leadership and dignity of our local youth, returning citizens, and Black communities!!! 3) Eugene Puryear and Tiffany Flowers of the Stop Police Terror Project DC and #BlackLivesMatter are MC’ing this year and well, they’re kind of a big deal! 4) Incredible live performances to lift us up by DC’s very own funk, reggea, rock band Nappy Riddem, and John Harris. 5) Complimentary Shrimp cocktail. Sushi. Empanadas. Cheeses, fruits, chocolate, champagne….. need I say more? RSVP for the event here on FB today! This is a fundraiser event to support the organizing and advocacy work of DC Jobs with Justice! We are asking for a symbolic $30 at the door on the night of the event ($15 to celebrate our first 15 years of work, and $15 to support our next 15 years... read more