Last week the Council voted to eliminate Hero Pay from the budget! Only Councilmembers Silverman, Nadeau, and Lewis George stood with essential workers and supported the bill. Please use the script below to call  your ward councilmember. Please note that if you councilmember’s name is in pink, underlined and in italics  then please use script 2, if their name is not purple use script 1.

Script 1

Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m a [DC / WARD X] resident [and member of X  union and/or essential worker if applicable]. I am calling to express my disappointment in your vote against enacting and fully funding Hero Pay for essential workers. Essential workers risked their lives by working through a deadly pandemic and they deserve far more than empty praise. I strongly encourage you to prioritize finding funding to restore the Heroes Pay Act during the second vote on the Budget Request Act on Tuesday.

[If you’d like, share an anecdote about why Hero Pay for essential workers is important to you personally, if you are an essential worker you can share about your experience working during the pandemic]


Script 2 for Silverman, Nadeau and Lewis George

Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m a [DC / WARD X] resident [and member of X union and/or essential worker if applicable] and I wanted to thank you for your vote in support of Hero Pay at the July 13th Committee of the Whole meeting!


Call ALL the at-large council members and the chair

Elissa Silverman    At-Large (202) 724-7772
Anita Bonds At-Large (202) 724-8064
Christina Henderson At-Large (202) 724-8105
Robert C. White, Jr. At-Large (202) 724-8174
Phil Mendelson Chairman (202) 724-8032


AND your ward councilmember (check your ward)

Brianne K. Nadeau Ward 1 (202) 724-8181
Brooke Pinto Ward 2 (202) 724-8058
Mary M. Cheh Ward 3 (202) 724-8062
Janeese Lewis George Ward 4 (202) 724-8052
Kenyan R. McDuffie Ward 5 (202) 724-8028
Charles Allen Ward 6 (202) 724-8072
Vincent C. Gray Ward 7 (202) 724-8068
Trayon White, Sr. Ward 8 (202) 724-8045