100_1569_edited.jpgrnDC Jobs with Justice activists joined members of the Communications Workers of America on Tuesday, December 11th at a rally in front of the Verizon Center to kick off the Connect-DC campaign. Donning red hats and signs saying “Keep Good Jobs in DC,” the 50 plus protesters sent a message to Verizon that their customers and employees in DC will no longer tolerate being treated as second-class. rnrnConnect-DC, a collaboration of DC JwJ and CWA, is calling on Verizon to:rn· Maintain quality phone and Internet service for all DC residents and businesses.rn· Build FiOS in all parts of the city by the end of 2008.rn· Employ DC residents in DC facilities to build FiOS and sustain existing infrastructure. rnrn Read more here, and stay tuned as the campaign develops.