rnrnFrom Union City (3/17/2011) Chanting “This is what democracy looks like!” hundreds of protestors — fired up by the inspiring battles of workers in Wisconsin — broke through security lines and took over the atrium of the downtown DC building where lobbyists were holding a fundraiser for Wisconsin GOP leaders. The protestors quickly filled up the multi-story space and swarmed up the sweeping staircase overlooking the atrium, dropping a large banner beneath a statue reading “Respect workers rights!” As bemused office denizens — and no doubt fundraiser attendees — peered out their windows, a sea of signs waved and bobbed as exultant demonstrators shrilled whistles and cheered, their chants echoing off the marble walls. “What’s disgusting?” came the chant; “Union busting!” roared back and rose in the hall, along with shouts of “Shame! Shame!” As hundreds more picketed outside the now-locked building, Metro Council President Jos Williams congratulated the protestors for “liberating this building from the forces of greed and tyranny” and declared the atrium “Freedom Central.” “This reminds me of being home, seeing you all here; it’s beautiful to see so much support,” said Joran from Madison, Wisconsin. “They think they can come into our state and divide us – telling us that public workers are the enemy, but we know that we are all together. An injury to one is an injury to all!” After occupying the space for over an hour, the protestors left peacefully, chanting “We’ll be back,” and, once they rejoined the demonstration outside, staged an impromptu takeover of 13th street, declaring “Whose streets? Our streets” and then marched on the White House to deliver their message of solidarity with Wisconsin workers. rnrn- Story by Chris Garlock; photos/video by Adam Wright