The Justice at Wings Coalition will have an action Wednesday Sept. 19 at 8:45am. The Marriott hotel is one of their targets since Wings wants to work in a Marriott hotel in DC. Their action will happen Wednesday at 8:45am at the Washington Marriott located at 775 12TH Street NW, Washington DC.


Earlier this month, the Justice at Wings Coalition was demonstrating outside of the Washington Marriott when they were approached by two Marriott security officers and a man in plain clothes who identified himself as an employee of the DC Mayor’s Office but refused to provide a name or badge ID number. Despite having been informed by the Washington DC Metropolitan Police that the Coalition had a lawful rally, the security at the Marriott attempted to intimidate the Justice at Wings demonstrators by threatening to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the mostly Latino protestors.

Marriott is planning to use Wings Enterprises on their Marriott Marquis project. Since October 2009, workers from Wings Enterprises have protested low wages, poor safety conditions, retaliation against employees (including the kinds of threats Marriott engaged in on September 4, 2012) who protested these conditions, and a lack of benefits at the company.

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