Eleven workers who performed cleaning work in the dormitories at George Washington University this summer have launched a public campaign to demand the wages that have been stolen from them. Click here to sign the petition and stand in solidarity with these courageous workers.

Here’s an excerpt from the coworker.org petition:

My name is Julia Hidalgo, and I am one the cleaning staff who worked long hours this summer to prepare George Washington University’s Thurston Hall, Potomac Hall and Ivory Tower dorms for incoming students…I was looking forward to the overtime hours in my paycheck — money I planned to spend on childcare for my 15-month-old daughter. But when it came time to be paid, BRAVO! Building Services terminated us without paying us for hours worked. I was devastated and worried about how I’d pay my bills that month.

Support Julia and the other 10 workers in their fight to for respect and rightfully earned wages!