What do Clarence Otis, Rob Walton and Ahold USA have in common? They have been nominated for DC Jobs with Justice 2012 Scrooge of the Year Award. The Scrooge of the Year award is presented to a company or person who has done the most dastardly deeds to workers in the District of Columbia for 2012. The 2012 nominations are in for the Scrooge of the Year and after much waiting its now time for voting.  You can vote here  www.surveymonkey.com/s/86RYSHK.

    The 2012 nominees are:

   1. Clarence Otis, Vice President of Verizon and Board member of Darden Restaurants.

   2. Rob Walton, and  Walmart for continuing to try to not pay the people of the District of Columbia a living wage.

  3.  Ahold USA for trying to run Giant Food into the ground and continuing to buy up other Union Companies to    later close them and reopen under non-Union labels.

 4.  Montgomery County Executive, Council, and Police Chief for attacking the collective bargaining rights and laws that benefit all County employees, including using   taxpayer resources in a political campaign against their rank and file police officers.

 And 5. JBG Companies for trying to destroy affordable housing in DC.

If you think that one of these people or companies deserves the least sought after title of Scrooge of the Year please go herewww.surveymonkey.com/s/86RYSHK .  One vote costs one dollar.  All donations from voting go to DC Jobs with Justice.  The winner of the Scrooge of the Year award will be crowned on Saturday, December 15th at the DC Jobs with Justice annual Winter Cabaret. The Cabaret will be held at St. Stephen’s Church at 1525 Newton Street NW, Washington DC 20010.  It will take place from 8pm to 11:30pm.  There will be drinks, dancing and desserts. You can rsvp through facebook herewww.facebook.com/events/362948863799703/ .To find out more about the Cabaret and past Scrooge winners go to www.dcjwj.org. *** Online voting ends on December 14th****

2012 Nominee Clarence Otis. Verizon Vice President and Darden Board member.