Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Out of the Shadows! Rally for Good Jobs, Affordable Medicine and Healthy Environment was held on Sunday, September 9th in Leesburg, VA. DC Jobs with Justice was present at the rally along with labor, environmental, public health, family farm, consumer, Occupy, and other social justice organizations.Streat_performers_at_tpp_rally.jpgChanting “Flush the TPP” speakers and rally attendees demanded an end to back-room deal making for the 1%, while street performers Mona Santo and Goldie Sachs, representing corporate giants Monsanto and Goldman Sachs, respectively, entertained and educated the crowd.

If the TPP continues it is highly likely to offshore good-paying US jobs to low wage countries; create new tools to attack precious environmental and consumer safety policies; deregulate Wall Street banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies; displace family farmers; and lengthen patents thereby blocking consumer access to affordable, generic medications.