The stakes could not be higher for the thousands of workers and immigrants from the Metro area who will take to the streets on May Day in the tradition of past generations, to celebrate the tremendous achievements of the labor movement and demand justice for immigrant workers. Every day a growing number of laborers, unable to find jobs in the formal sector due to the economic recession, migrate to street corners and Home Depot parking lots to compete for a dwindling number of temporary jobs. Now more than ever we need to organize and strengthen the collective bargaining rights of all workers. rnrnFirst Lady Michelle ObamarnThe White Housern1100 Pennsylvania Ave NWrnWashington, DC 20500rnrnRe: Day-Laborer’s DreamrnrnDear Mrs Obama,rnrnIn three years my friend the day laborer always has worn used apparel and used shoes. Every winter he loses his cell phone service and sleeps in a shelter. In three years only three times he has bought new clothes for his sons. My friend day-laborer lost his wife failing to send he and his sons money. But my friend the day-laborer use to go to the corner waiting for a job. Every day the immigrant day-laborer wait for a job feeling uncertainty, shame and go back home without money, after waiting ten hours on a corner. They return home feeling distressed, tired, desperate, disappointed and frustrated. Day-laborer usually wait for a job without a roof, walls or restrooms either, enduring temperatures between 18 and 85 F degrees and higher. Lots of day laborers have been exploited and robbed, including in their own home, neighborhoods, they have been assaulted and hit by racist groups until they are unconscious. But what hurts the day laborer the most is social indifference. So far not one institution has succeeded in satisfying all the necessities of the day laborer. The day laborer is eager for safeness and worthy job (with just salary and fair treatment) so that his children get a good education and that his sacrifice in this country has positive and everlasting results for his family. The day laborer has already lost the fight for his own dream, but still fights for his children’s dream. According to the website Pop Center, there is 260,000 day laborers I the US. Yes we are almost 260,000 day laborers waiting for a change.rnrnThe best present for the immigrant day laborer is a just, integral and human migratory reform.rnrnSincerely,rnrnJorge OrtizrnUnion de Trabajadores de Washington, DCrn