Now more than ever, we must build and strengthen our local solidarity

Last week’s presidential election put into office a candidate who campaigned on mass deportation and incarceration, racism, islamophobia, and mysogyny. Away from the campaign, the President-Elect’s Las Vegas hotel refused to bargain with its employees, prompting a cease-and-desist order from the NLRB.

We will face more of these threats and attacks in the months to come, and our most marginalized communities will bear the brunt of these attacks. It is more important than ever for us to build deep solidarity with our neighbors who face threats, hate, and oppressive policies. That starts at home, locally.

National attempts to undermine unions, to gift giveaways to corporations, and to target our immigrant neighbors will undoubtedly have a front here in DC. We must keep building community-labor solidarity here at home and support the national movement for local organizing to win wide-spread change.

The bedrock of Jobs With Justice has always been the “I’ll Be There” pledge. That remains true today, more than ever.  Will you be there?