The Solidarity Squad Advisory team will meet weekly on Monday morning to review requests. This team reflects DC JWJ staff, board, and membership. Please send requests in as early as possible so staff can ask any clarifying questions and present to advisory team. Staff will have a limited ability to approve requests that come in after Monday morning on an emergency basis.

Submit requests to


  • The central decision-making body for DC JWJ is the Steering Committee or organizational members of DC JWJ. As a result:
    • To request solidarity, you must be a member of DC JWJ or partnering with a DC JWJ member.
    • Solidarity requests that already have been supported through the DC JWJ Steering Committee will be given preference. The leadership team may not be able to approve support for an activity that has not already had approval from the DC JWJ Steering Committee.
    • Organizations wishing to become members are encouraged to do so
  • All requests should include types of solidarity you are requesting such as mobilization, event support, canvassing, etc.
  • Preference will be given for solidarity requests that connect local targets to national threats arising from the current right-wing federal government. These include but are not limited to:
    • Threats to communities of color, immigrant communities, Muslims or other religious minorities, and LGBTQ people
    • Expansion of corporate power over individuals and/or privatization of public goods
    • Threats to collective action especially threats to unions
    • Threats to working families and DC’s safety net
    • Threats to DC’s autonomy
  • Preference will be given to actions that target local government and/or corporate targets where DC residents have leverage to sway decision-makers through action.
  • If staff receives a solidarity request after Monday morning, priority will be given to requests which reflect an immediate change in the existing landscape (such as an executive order) as well as the above criteria.
  • Attempts will be made to diversify the activities of the Squad to reflect a wide range of types of action, organizations supported, issues addressed, etc.
  • For events not included in the Squad, DC JWJ will continue to promote local campaigns, solidarity events, and other activities through our traditional mechanisms including email blast, social media, phone banking etc.
  • DC JWJ will attempt to inform Squad members of likelihood of risk to the best of our knowledge. Please include any safety information we should share with Squad members in particular whether event participants (including but not limited to Squad members) will participate in civil disobedience.