LitP_image.jpgThis year more than 70 area churches, synagogues, and mosques are planning special services to honor workers over Labor Day weekend as part of the annual Labor in the Pulpits, Labor on the Bimah, and Labor on the Minbar program.rnrnPlanned programs include a range of activities, including guest speakers from labor and workers’ rights organizations, special prayers, luncheons, and celebration through song. rnrnMany congregations will host workers to speak about their struggles, including day laborers speaking at Foundry UMC, Tikkum Leil Shabbat, B’nai Shalom of Olney and Shirat Hanefesh; hotel workers speaking at Culmore UMC, and domestic workers speaking at Bethesda UMC. rnrnParticipating Congregations include: rnrn * Adas Israel Congregationrn * Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregationrn* All Souls Memorial Episcopal Churchrn* All Souls Unitarian Church rn * Am Kolel Chavurarn * American University Hillelrn* Berwyn Presbyterian Churchrn * Bet Mishpachahrn * Beth Chai Jewish Humanist Congregationrn * Beth El Hebrew Congregationrn * Bethesda Jewish Congregationrn* Bethesda UMCrn * B’nai Israel Congregationrn * B’nai Shalom of Olneyrn* Church of the Ascensionrn* Church of the Pilgrims Presbyterianrn* Church of the Reformation, Lutheranrn * Congregation Adat Reyimrn * Congregation Bet Chesedrn * Congregation Beth Emethrn * Congregation B’nai Tzedekrn * Congregation Har Shalomrn * Congregation Har-Tzeon-Agudath Achimrn * Congregation Kol Amirn * Congregation Kol Shalomrn * Congregation Oseh Shalomrn * Congregation Sha’are Shalomrn* Culmore United Methodist Churchrn * DC Minyanrn * East Bank Havurahrn * Fabrangenrn* First Trinity Lutheran Churchrn* Florida Avenue Baptist Churchrn* Foundry United Methodist Churchrn * George Washington University Hillelrn* Grace Episcopal Churchrn * Kehila Chadasharn * Kehilat Shalomrn * Machar, The Washington Congregation for Secular Humanistic Judaismrn* Marvin Memorial UMCrn* Masjid Muhammadrn * Mishkan Torah Synagoguern* Mt. Vernon Unitarian Churchrn* National City Christian Church rn * Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregationrn * Olney Kehilarn* Our Lady of Perpetual Helprn* Our Lady, Queen of Peace Catholic Church rn* New York Avenue Presbyterian Churchrn * Shaare Tefilarn * Shirat Hanefeshrn * Temple Beth Amirn* St. Anthony of Padua Parishrn* St. David’s Parishrn* St. Elizabeth’s Church rn* St. Francis of Assisi rn* St. John’s Episcopal Churchrn* St. Mark’s Episcopal Churchrn* St. Matthew’s Cathedral rn* St. Stephen Episcopal Churchrn * Temple Beth Torahrn * Temple Emanuelrn * Temple Micahrn * Temple Shalomrn * Temple Sinairn * Tifereth Israel Congregationrn * Tikkun Leil Shabbatrn * Tikvat Israelrn * University of Maryland Hillelrn * Washington Hebrew Congregationrn* Woodside United Methodist Churchrn * Zoo Minyan rnrnClick below for a partial schedule of events:rn2009_schedule_0.pdfrn