Excluded workers finally can access real assistance thanks to their hard work and advocacy during the excluded worker campaign. Despite delays, applicants can begin to apply for assistance Monday, January 25th and will be accessible at http://dccares2021.org. Over 8,000 residents will receive $1,000 gift cards (with the ability to access cash withdrawals) to sustain them through this ongoing emergency.

or more information you can access guides here:
English: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qYDmLEbzk8JlwBagbxj3YEYv3C004uTl/view?usp=sharing
Spanish: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lb6E-iJzpk-eGM0-nK4tSJFiXYX2fL3m/view?usp=sharing

Who is eligible for assistance

Residents excluded from Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA):

• Qualifying Returning Citizens released from custody on or after March 11, 2020

• Informal/cash economy workers: day laborers, domestic workers, street vendors, and other cash economy workers

• Undocumented workers or immigrants without Employment Authorization (EAD)

Get ready to apply

Step 1: Review your eligibility

• Qualifying returning citizens released from custody on or after March 11, 2020

• Informal/cash economy workers ineligible for UI/PUA

• Undocumented residents ineligible for UI/PUA

 Unsure? Apply and a DC CARES representative will review your eligibility


Step 2: Gather your documents

• A photo ID with name and Date of Birth

• Proof of DC Residency

• Eligibility Documents by category (see guide for more details)

• Your Updated Contact Information (phone, email)

Step 3: Apply online or by phone starting Monday, January 25

• Visit www.DCCARES2021.org or call 202-332-1264

• Website and phone are English/Spanish bilingual

• For other languages, please apply by phone

• General Inquiries: info@dccares2021.org

None of the organizations who previously processed assistance are accepting applications, all applications must be sent through the above options. Please direct all questions there.