DCJWJMeet Eliana Rondon, DC JWJ’s newest organizer!

Volunteering in the community for almost twelve years has given me a wide range of experiences. My years of volunteering and working for nonprofit organizations consist of advocacy, youth welfare, community support, racial justice and more. My passion for community outreach stems from being raised by a strong, struggling single mother with five kids. As an Afro- Latina born in DC, coming from an immigrant family, I have encountered my fair share of inequality. As a result of my diverse cultural upbringing, I have multiple communities to account for.

Despite my struggles, such as limited access, I’ve always been blessed to have individuals from the community, such as teachers and organizers, who have invested their time in me. At the age of fourteen, I decided that I wanted to give others the support and opportunity, which I was privileged to have. During my years of advocating, I’ve been working hand in hand with many impactful nonprofits and organizations. Through this I have seen a lot of results in the DC communities, but the fight is on going.

 I obtained my B.A in Communication and Psychology from Trinity Washington University in 2016.  I currently have six years of experience in the field of communications. In addition, I enjoy writing and photography, which has continuously driven me to take courses to sharpen my skills. My goal is to help enhance resources, policies, practices, norms, which promotes equality, funding, access and opportunities. Fostering and developing the rights of humans is an essential component to the welfare and the unification of our communities. I am a firm believer that equal rights, despite societal status, is prevalent to the overall health of the community.

Covid19 Update:

I began my journey with DC JWJ, unfortunately, when the emergency stay at home order was placed. The transition into my new role as an organizer was more than manageable with the support of my team. However, I really value face to face interactions. I find it most effective for not only myself, but for individuals we advocate for to have an on field representative. As a result of this outbreak, it hinders the amount of individuals, who may be  limited to access from obtaining important information. Despite certain setbacks due to the pandemic, I am confident our team and supporters will do whatever it takes to ensure our goals are achieved to strengthen our communities.