Call to ActionrnrnHUNGER STRIKE to SAVE THE POSTAL SERVICErnJune 25 – 28th , Washington DC and across the nationrnCongress: Stop Starving the Postal Service!rnRepeal the Pre-funding Mandate! Refund the Pension Surplus!rnrnPostmaster General: Suspend the Closures and Cuts!rnrnAmerica’s postal service is being starved to death. A 2006 Congressional mandate forces the USPS to prefund retiree health benefits 75 years in advance. 10% of the postal budget, $5.5 billion per year goes to prefund benefits for people who aren’t even born yet. Without the mandate, postal revenues came close to matching expenses over the past six years. The USPS has also overpaid tens of billions into two pension funds.rnrnrnAllies will not stand by as the postal service is destroyed. A group of postal patrons and postal workers will declare a hunger strike the week of June 25th in Washington DC. They will shame Congress and denounce the Postmaster General. They will engage in dramatic actions in the halls of Congress and at USPS Headquarters to raise public awareness and turn up the heat on decision makers. They invite all who care about our national treasure – enshrined in the Constitution, serving over 150 million households and businesses six days a week, providing universal mail services at reasonable, uniform rates – to join, endorse and otherwise support the hunger strike, in Washington DC or in their local area.rnrnContact: Communities and Postal Workers United, &