rnIn a victory for immigrant workers across the country, the Department of Justice has announced an investigation of alleged “discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures” by the Phoenix, AZ police. Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently marched a group of 200 shackled and chained immigrant prisoners through the streets of Phoenix to a tent city in the Arizona desert, drawing widespread protests and condemnation. rnrn”Arpaio’s reign of terror will come to an end,” Congressman John Conyers (right), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said at a Wednesday press conference in Washington. Conyers said the House will hold a hearing to investigate Arpaio, but added that “this is not the end, there are other Arpaios out there.” The National Day Laborer Organizing Network’s Sarahi Uribe urged the Obama administration to “immediately terminate the US government’s 287(g) contract with Maricopa County while the judicial process takes its course.” rnrnThe 287(g) contract allows local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. “We need to make sure that this failed attempt by the Bush Administration to outsource immigration enforcement is suspended,” added Uribe.