Join The Washington Peace Center, Wednesday November 7th at 6:30pm at St. Stephen’s Church (1525 Newton St NW) for the next installment of the monthly DC Trainers’ Network Skillshare!

This month,they’ll be focusing on honing their facilitation skills on how to make a “safe space” and to “build the container” and why this is important. Participants are encouraged to join in the skillshare by thinking of successes, challenges, and questions around a “safe space” when preparing and facilitating a workshop.

They’ll be especially focusing on skills that will help beginners/newbies learn the right tools from the start! As we discuss safe space, we intend to create a safe space where everyone should feel comfortable to take chances and make mistakes. It is also being led by Lasitha Ranatunga and Lindsay Morris!

**The DC Trainers’ Network monthly skillshare is a structured, interactive space where people can share skills and gain confidence in their training abilities and everybody is both a teacher and a learner. We strive to provide an inclusive practice space to experiment with different approaches for learning and teaching. This skillshare seeks to strengthen the DC activist community’s ability to meet the needs of progressive social movements. **

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