After a shocking announcement on Friday, June 1st by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that the controversial “Secure Communities” deportation would become active in the District of Columbia today, Tuesday June 5th, DC Council acted swiftly and passed the Immigration Detainer Compliance Emergency Amendment Act.rnrnAs Mayor Gray commented, “Police rely on the trust of those community members that their immigration status will not be threatened by their cooperation in local law enforcement investigations. Secure Communities jeopardizes that trust.” rnrnNikki Daruwala, Executive Director, DC Jobs with Justice commented: “Today’s passage of the Immigration Detainer Emergency Compliance Act is a major triumph for working people in the District. It speaks directly to the fundamental importance of keeping our city vibrant and diverse while protecting and advancing the rights of all its residents. Kudos to the DC Council for coming together in a timely manner to pass this vital piece of legislation.”rnrnCheck out local news media for coverage on these happenings:rnrnWashington Post: Post: (Espanol), featuring Carlos, a leader of La Union de Trabajadores, and Rachel Sier, a DC JwJ organizer: