On Saturday, March 28th, workers, tenants, organizers, parents and children from all walks of life will gather for an all-day city wide forum on racism, immigration and class in the District of Columbia. The all-day forum titled “Facing What Divides Us: building unity between Black and Brown communities,” seeks to create a safe space for people to come together, express their feelings, analyze the divisions between communities of color, and share strategies for finding common ground in the workplace. rnrnFor more than half a century, Washington, DC has served as a magnet for people fleeing economic and national oppression. The 1940s saw tens of thousands of African Americans migrate to D.C. in search of opportunities denied to them in the deep South. Today, a new generation migrants is flowing into to the city, often as a result of destructive US foreign policy. As D.C.’s demographics change, landlords, bosses and even and even policy makers are using “divide and conquer” tactics to pit new immigrants against the children and grandchildren of those who migrated to the city in the 1940s, as a means to divide communities, control labor and undermine workers’ rights.rnrnThe current economic crisis only exacerbates matters. As public services contract and housing programs are shut down, working people are scrambling for an even smaller piece of the pie.rnrnThe forum will take place Saturday March 28, 2009. 9:30am-4:00pm at Foundry Methodist Church, 1500 16th St NW.The training is free and open to the public, you can register at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=22JSS1222HVvulIcgbCXwg_3d_3d rnBreakfst and lunch will be provided. Childcare and interpretation available upon request/ Call 202.974.8281.rn