Activist came from California, Texas, Missouri, Maine, Washington State, Rhode Island, Florida and many other locations for the Jobs with Justice National Conference this past weekend (August 5th through August 7th)in Washington, D.C.. One of the most powerful moments at the conference was when Arturo Griffiths, DC JWJ day laborer organizer, talked about immigration enforcement and wage theft. Another compelling moment was at a rally held at Walmart’s DC headquarters where at least 500 of the conference participants chanted “Respect DC”. Conference participants were greatly moved by the Walmart workers who came to the conference and shared their stories of being intimidated by their employer. Local activist Krista Lee Hanson spoke at the Caring Across Generations’ issue forum and shared her family’s story of finding a qualified and loving care giver for their son. On the last day of the conference, participants attended a reflective interfaith service where representatives from the Jewish, Universalist Unitarian, Christian, Quaker and Muslim communities spoke on social justice issues and valuing workers. Imam Haytham A. Younis quoted the Quran saying that “Pay the worker his wage before his sweat dries”. The other faith leaders echoed Imam Younis words and blessed the activist in the work that they do. 0064210-R1-019-8.jpg