8-7-11_Verizon_picket.jpgrnVerizon has 2011 annualized revenues of $108 billion and annualized net profits are $6 billion but yet they are demanding almost 100 concessions from their employees. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has joined with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in a strike to show Verizon that they will not give back everything they have fought so hard for. The concessions which they are proposing on Verizon employees will take away nearly 50 years of bargaining. Verizon’s top five executives received compensation of $258 million over the past four years but yet they are trying to deprive their workers of basic health benefits. DC Jobs with Justice is standing by CWA locals in the D.C metro area and asking you to get involved. rnHere’s what you can do: rn1) Join noon-time actions at Verizon Wireless stores: rn*Tuesday, Aug. 9th at 1314 F St NW rn*Weds, Aug. 10th at 1744 L St. NWrnrnPickets will run from noon to 1pm. Wear red! Keep checking our website for updated actions. rnrn2) Stop by worker picket lines at the following locations: rn980 V St. NE, Washingtonrn 935 V St. NE, Washingtonrn 2600 Barry Road SE, Washingtonrn 13101 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MDrnPicketing will be all day beginning at 7am. You can join members in walking the picket line, stop by to offer a snack or words of support, or Help in getting the word out on facebook or your blogs. rn3) Sign the petition to Verizon and make sure all your friends do too!rnhttp://action.cwa-union.org/c/1153/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2657rn