Holding the Line for Good Jobs at Verizon

45,000 Communication Workers of America (CWA) members have been in bitter contract negotiations against communication giant Verizon. Verizon has been demanding deep concessions from its workers, including freezing pensions for active employees and eliminating them for new workers, slashing disability benefits for workers injured on the job, and imposing health care payments of up to $6,800 on active employees. CWA members struck during the month of August after their contract expired. They are back at the table, but DC Jobs with Justice is organizing community support to keep pressure on Verizon to settle a fair contract and preserve these good jobs.

Take Action!

Delegations to Support Verizon Workers

We will be visiting Verizon Wireless stores to deliver a letter and a message to Verizon to respect workers’ rights. Verizon has bragged that they want to set back collective bargaining 50 years. We believe in human rights in the workplace and that starts with treating workers with dignity and respect by bargaining fairly. The letter you will deliver has the collected signatures of leaders who support this message.

■ Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers, or fellow members to join you.

■ Pick the time and the store that your delegation wants visit. You can select a store by clicking here for details.

■ Bring a copy of the letter and directions for your delegation.

■ Visit the store and ask to speak with the manager. Explain that you are part of a movement of people who want respect for Verizon workers.

After you do your delegation, email Lillian Walker-Shelton at DC Jobs with Justice at